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Feature-Packed Jupiter® GPS Module With Best In Class Anti-Jamming

Feature-Packed Jupiter® GPS Module With Best In Class Anti-Jamming


FOOTHILL RANCH, CA — (January 7, 2011) — Navman Wireless OEM Solutions, a leading designer and manufacturer of world-class Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, today announced full production of its new Jupiter®-F2 (J-F2) GPS module for OEM applications.  The next-generation J-F2 maintains continuous hot-start performance (position fix in less than one second), guaranteeing the condition through the SiRFaware™ mode that draws as little as 50-500µA or through the free A-GPS with 3-day ephemeris predictions.

The J-F2 can navigate to -160dBm and track to -163dBm, providing higher coverage, accuracy and availability compared to earlier Jupiter models.  The ultra-low power consumption and high sensitivity of Navman Wireless’ Jupiter-F2 with SiRFstarIV architecture makes an unbeatable combination for vehicle, object and even personal positioning products.  SiRFstarIV’s sensory interface features dead reckoning and smart sensor support and can remove up to eight in-band jammers up to 80 dB-Hz prior to correlation.

“The Jupiter-F2 is a significant improvement over earlier Navman products for customers around the world who are seeking leading-edge technology,” said George Arnott, Vice President Global OEM Solutions, Navman Wireless OEM Solutions.  “With price and functionality demands increasing, OEMs are looking for smaller, more power efficient and adaptable GPS capability.  The Jupiter-F2 delivers on all these requirements.”

The Jupiter-F2 supports a full range of satellite-based augmentation systems including WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS and GAGAN.  The GPS module combines the SiRFstarIV™ GSD4e™ GPS engine, TCXO, LDO, SAW filter, RTC and Memory.

“Navman adds significant value by creating a turnkey flexible module that exploits the advanced capabilities of the SiRFstarIV architecture in an innovative manner,” said Kanwar Chadha, Chief Marketing Officer at CSR plc and founder of SiRF.  “With Navman’s support infrastructure, the Jupiter-F2 OEMs can quickly add location awareness to a broad range of products in an efficient way.”

Navman Wireless offers unparalleled flexibility in the Jupiter-F2 platform through its ability to create custom builds for automotive and other OEM applications.  Now available in full production with integrated Flash Memory. A future ROM release will offer additional Cost Savings.  For more information or a product brief, go to

About Navman Wireless OEM Solutions:

Headquartered in Foothill Ranch CA, Navman Wireless OEM Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Navman Wireless Holdings, is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative GPS solutions for various OEM applications, from personal and asset tracking solutions to automotive solutions.  Navman Wireless has more than twenty years of experience serving the GPS markets and has sold millions of high-performance Jupiter® GPS modules worldwide.


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