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About Us


Navman Wireless OEM California officeNavman Wireless OEM Solutions is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative GPS solutions for various OEM applications, from fleet tracking and asset tracking solutions to navigation systems.  Navman Wireless has more than twenty years of experience serving the GPS markets and has sold millions of high-performance GPS modules worldwide.

Navman Wireless OEM Solutions provides Jupiter-branded GPS engines and sensor modules, mobile data terminals and GPS/cellular hardware products to enable customers to develop the best and fastest time-to-market solutions.  Our GPS products allow easy integration and customization of GPS functionality for every application.  

Industry leaders in GPS fleet management systems, European GPS-assisted road tolling, cellular base stations, in-car GPS navigation systems, automotive telematic systems and GPS-based personal sport training monitors are a few of our customers.

Navman Wireless OEM Solutions offers full support with technical documentation and development kits, as well as access to our skilled global engineering support teams.