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Know How


Navman Wireless OEM is at the forefront of innovative GPS design for more than 20 years.

Our Jupiter Modules are the result of the superior Know-How of a best of breed engineering team. With more than 50 engineers, Navman Wireless has the skills and the global workforce necessary to implement world-class technology for the future.

Jupiter Modules show superior performance under the most extreme conditions and test environments.



Jupiter modules outperform competitors in close proximity to RF noise sources which makes them the modules of choice for designs in mobile devices, military and automotive application environments.


Jupiter A-GPS

The free Jupiter A-GPS end-to-end service greatly improves start-up times for any location-aware device with network connectivity capability. Fast start-ups-in as little as 5 seconds-are made possible by employing a small Extended Ephemeris file acquired over any wireless or wireline internet connection, and accurate for up to seven days. Jupiter A-GPS is the perfect solution for occasionally or always connected navigation-enabled devices.

Read more about Jupiter A-GPS in the product overview

A-GPS... see how it works


Dead reckoning

GPS receiver performance in obstructed signal areas has been improved dramatically with the Jupiter 30/32 family of products. However for the most demanding navigation in locations with significantly impaired or no GPS reception, for example deep urban Canyons, lower bridge decks, parking garages, and tunnels, complete loss of position information can occur.

Dead reckoning (DR) GPS receivers use incoming signals from a gyroscope (turn rate sensor) and odometer pulses (speed or "wheel tick" ) to navigate when the GPS is not able to acquire or loses a fix.

The Jupiter 31DR and J30DR are the industry-leading tightly coupled Dead Reckoning GPS receiver OEM board and module based on the proven 20 channel SiRFstar III chipset integrates all inputs (GPS, gyro, speed, and direction) in a proprietary Kalman filter design to calculate the optimum navigation solution based on the changing conditions. The tightly coupled solution is more responsive to dynamic changes from input signals and can determine the weighted influence of each input for a GPS/DR, GPS only, or DR only solution. This enables continuous tracking in areas where GPS alone is not possible while automatically calibrating the sensors when GPS signals are strong.

The Jupiter DR continues the rich tradition of providing leading-edge GPS modules in the legacy Rockwell Jupiter form-factor favored by Automotive and Original Equipment Manufacturers for their durability and multi-decade longevity.


Power Consumption

Engineers at Navman Wireless take "ultra" seriously. With its ultra-low power consumption Jupiter Modules take the lead in many consumer and battery powered applications. With less than 56mW at a 1Hz update rate in ATP mode, Jupiter Modules set new standards. How well does your current ultra-low power module operate at 11.5mA? Stand by for upcoming all-time ultra-low power records.